August 17, 2018

Digital banking fraud, machine learning, and digitization (Part 2/2)

Digital banking fraud, machine learning, and digitization – NetGuardians’ Mine Fornerod interviews our Data Scientist Jérôme Bovay on the ideal machine learning based anti-fraud solution and its benefits in the fight against fraud.

This video provides answers to the following questions:

  • How does a machine-learning based anti-fraud solution should look like? What are the key aspects? 
  • How does the ideal solution address the challenges such as turning business needs into algorithms and black box problem where users cannot interpret the machine learning results?
  • Banking fraud mitigation has so far been like a cat and mouse game. Do you think with machine learning, we are finally able to get out of this game?

 If you've missed the first part of this video, please click here to watch it.

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