June 01, 2023

My role at NetGuardians as a Customer Success Manager - Andrea Sagaseta

Meet your financial crime fighter; Andrea Sagaseta. Andrea is the team leader for professional services at NetGuardians in the Cloud Services department. Her job entails liaising with the cloud and SaaS (software as a service) partners as well as with the in-house team that is developing NetGuardians’ SaaS offering. It’s a job that demands a mix of technical skills, consultancy skills and management. Read about her role as a Customer Success Manager at an AI FinTech company fighting financial crime.


My job is all about delivering projects, together with our partners, on time to a very high standard. We’re performing a mission-critical service for banks, after all – protecting them from financial crime. 

When we sign a new contract with a bank, we first identify and list all the needs and requirements of the bank, define the scope of the project, document it, and I’ll prepare a project plan. This phase is very interesting — it’s when we collaborate with our partners and banks at a high technical level to iron out any integration concerns and work out exactly how the bank will use our solution to stop financial crime. As part of my role, I will then allocate different tasks to the team members, supervise the deployment, contribute to the implementation and follow up with the bank afterwards to make sure our software is operating as expected. 

It can be stressful because of the nature of what we do, and I have to be highly organized as I handle several projects in parallel. NetGuardians works in Agile, which allows for fast-paced delivery, and It’s a really diverse role and means that I work closely with many teams at NetGuardians, with our partners and with the banks. 

It’s my job to make sure quality and performance meet client expectations. This is key. 

My proudest achievement

Swisscom is one of our key partners and I’m proud of the relationship I have built with them. Projects run smoothly, and our partner trusts us — something the banks pick up on as it means they get a smoother, better service. 

My ultimate goal

This job could definitely be a stepping-stone to where I ultimately want to be – in management. This would mean I could at some point drop the “hands-on” technical side of my role. It’s not going to be an easy move, but I’m going in the right direction. And one thing I’ve seen at NetGuardians is that if it’s possible, the company will really try to make it work. They try to make us happy. 

What I like most

When I first joined, I was told that my job would involve everything – the whole project from planning to execution. But in fact, everything is a collaboration. I work with business analysts and data scientists, as well as with R&D on highly technical matters. It’s lots of fun and I’m always learning a lot from what they know. We all support each other. It’s one of the things I like most about the company and it has definitely contributed to me staying here.

What makes me good at my job

My graduate degree was in telecoms engineering and I’ve lots of experience on the technical side. But I’m also very organized – perhaps a bit of a maniac. That really helps, especially as a team leader and for project management. Openness and easy communication with the customer are key in this job! 


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Picture of Andrea Sagaseta
Andrea Sagaseta

Team leader, professional services at NetGuardians

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