May 23, 2022

NetGuardians perfectly placed to address the rise of scams and payment fraud in Saudi Arabia

payment fraud scams

We protect banks and their customers from scammers because together we can stop them in their tracks, writes Jonathan Somers. Fraud warnings are coming thick and fast from the Saudi banking ...

May 16, 2022

Best practices for tackling P2P payments app frauds

As two US senators turn up the heat on peer-to-peer (P2P) payments app Zelle for failing to stop fraud, Thierry Divenot points out that there is readily available, effective protection already used ...

May 03, 2022

Why buying a fraud monitoring solution is more cost-effective and efficient than building one

Incorporating artificial intelligence in fraud prevention software is proving successful at stopping fraud. But when it comes to getting the maximum benefit, it’s better for banks to buy from a ...

March 31, 2022

AI-powered fraud mitigation helps new banks attract and retain customers

A new smart software to spot more fraud and cut false alerts, helping banks improve customer service and keep a lid on costs. Writes Joël Winteregg. Whether you’re a venture capital-backed neo bank ...

March 21, 2022

Why you should be rethinking SWIFT CSP compliance

The SWIFT Customer Security Program (CSP) continues to evolve. As do the threat actors. Roy Belchamber explains how you can comply with the updated Customer Security Controls Framework (CSCF) and ...

March 07, 2022

Fraud is like art forgery – the better the copy, the better magnifying glass you need

Fraudsters have always been taking advantage of businesses’ vulnerabilities. And with the increased reliance on technology caused, cybercriminals are getting creative at targeting enterprises. Many ...

February 28, 2022

Banks and their customers are increasingly targets of online payment fraud

While we still see headlines about bank robberies or ATMs being blown up, these events are less frequent than they used to be. Instead, criminals are turning to online payment fraud, where they face ...

February 04, 2022

Phishing scams are preventable. Here is how.

The only way banks will prevent phishing attacks is to use cutting-edge technology to build customer profiles so accurate that they can detect fraudsters impersonating them, write Joël Winteregg and ...

January 31, 2022

Lombard Odier & NetGuardians: Tackling cyber fraud using both human and artificial intelligence

In 2021, in order to counter the creativity of fraudsters, Lombard Odier decided to raise their game and become even more innovative by leveraging the best of technology such as artificial ...

October 15, 2021

Smart fraud mitigation demands the right AI model

fraud fraud prevention AI model fraud mitigation

It’s a basic rule in data science: when precision and accuracy are required for fraud prevention, make sure you choose the algorithm appropriate to a bank’s data sets and needs. A complex algorithm ...

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