November 22, 2023

How to win the deepfakes arms race with transaction monitoring

In the war on deepfake fraudsters, banks should aim their fire where they know it will take them down – by stopping fraudulent transactions, writes Sandy Lavorel We know professional criminals are ...

October 03, 2023

Know your fraud: the digital tools we use to access the “trace space” (Part III)

Powerful modeling and mapping technology allows our cutting-edge fraud-identification software to help banks, their customers and regulators understand a fraudulent transaction in an explainable way, ...

September 19, 2023

Know your fraud: introducing the trace space (Part II)

Every transaction leaves a digital trace. When your fraud prevention software knows what to look for within that trace, it can distinguish between an account takeover and an authorized push payment ...

August 29, 2023

Know your fraud: distinguishing scams from account takeovers (Part I)

When financial institutions are able to distinguish between different types of fraud, they can speed up investigations, better protect their customers, cut costs and safeguard their reputations, ...

August 14, 2023

Proven protection against authorized push payment fraud in Africa

When scammers launched a mass authorized push payment fraud attack on Nigerian banks earlier this year, one bank alone managed to spot and stop the fraudsters before any money had left its customers’ ...

July 28, 2023

Co-operate to eliminate: a community approach to beating financial crime


Sandy Lavorel reveals how netguardians has developed a way for banks to share information on fraud risk that significantly improves detection rates for fraud and identifies accounts used for money ...

June 01, 2023

My role at NetGuardians as a Customer Success Manager - Andrea Sagaseta

Meet your financial crime fighter; Andrea Sagaseta. Andrea is the team leader for professional services at NetGuardians in the Cloud Services department. Her job entails liaising with the cloud and ...

May 30, 2023

Shifting the odds against money mules

Money mules

NetGuardians’ solution can spot accounts used for both domestic and international money laundering in real time, saving banks time and money while protecting their customers and their own ...

April 13, 2023

How feedback nourishes the algorithms that starve the fraudsters

By constantly serving our algorithms with information about their performance, we are able to hone them so they remain effective in the ever-evolving financial crime landscape, writes Jérôme Bovay ...

April 03, 2023

My role at NetGuardians as a Data Scientist – Jérôme Bovay

NetGuardians is a FinTech company, so my job consists of developing cutting-edge, innovative, and robust software for banks all over the world. We protect the banks, and their customers against ...

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