October 15, 2021

Smart fraud mitigation demands the right AI model

fraud fraud prevention AI model fraud mitigation

It’s a basic rule in data science: when precision and accuracy are required for fraud prevention, make sure you choose the algorithm appropriate to a bank’s data sets and needs. A complex algorithm ...

August 20, 2021

Stamp out internal banking fraud without undermining staff trust

fraud prevention digital banking fraud internal fraud bank fraud

Software that focuses on transactions rather than staff behavior to spot and stop internal fraud avoids the problem of personalizing fraud risk, which can demotivate staff and put off new recruits. ...

May 12, 2021

The inside track on banking fraud in a post-Covid-19 world

fraud prevention fraud trends bank fraud

When NetGuardians recently brought together some of Europe’s top fraud specialists from major banks and organizations, the resulting discussion was open, frank, and insightful Covid-19 has changed ...

February 23, 2021

2021: how banks can be smarter than the fraudsters this year

fraud fraud prevention risk management digital banking fraud internal fraud external fraud financial crime covid19 fraud trends

Banks running fraud-prevention software that incorporates collective artificial intelligence can cut fraud monitoring costs by 77 percent, helping them meet new regulations efficiently and ...

July 25, 2018

Combating mobile fraud across Asia is key

fraud fraud prevention mobile banking asia

The widespread use across Asia of mobile phones, m-banking and payment apps has left consumers particularly vulnerable to fraud. Financial services providers in the region must ramp up investment in ...

October 05, 2016

Get the Big Power of Big Data: Protect from Fraud & Regulatory Noncompliance

big data predictive analytics compliance fraud fraud prevention NetGuardians

For a number of years now, financial institutions have depended on big data technology to keep business ticking. Top use cases include high-frequency trading, risk management and regulatory ...

September 08, 2014

Get in the fraudster’s mind: the way to fraud mitigation

big data predictive analytics fraud fraud prevention

An estimated $67 billion was lost to banking fraud in 2014, with nearly 75 % of it being internal. Most alarming, the majority of this fraud remains undetected.

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