February 23, 2021

2021: how banks can be smarter than the fraudsters this year

fraud fraud prevention risk management digital banking fraud internal fraud external fraud financial crime covid19 fraud trends

Banks running fraud-prevention software that incorporates collective artificial intelligence can cut fraud monitoring costs by 77 percent, helping them meet new regulations efficiently and ...

June 12, 2020

Why FinTechs’ targeted products are better at fighting bank fraud

NG FinTech Blog digital banking fraud external fraud

Banks are increasingly turning to specialist FinTechs to deal with fraud for three solid reasons: they understand the problems better than generic it companies, they fix problems faster - in a ...

October 23, 2018

NetGuardians’ global take on bank fraud

fraud asia internal fraud europe africa external fraud

The final part of our series looking at regional fraud offers a global overview highlighting the differences – and similarities – in the threats that banks face today Fraud is a global problem ...

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