Dr Vivien Bonvin

Senior Data Scientist at NetGuardians
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October 03, 2023

Know your fraud: the digital tools we use to access the “trace space” (Part III)

Powerful modeling and mapping technology allows our cutting-edge fraud-identification software to help banks, their customers and regulators understand a fraudulent transaction in an explainable way, ...

September 19, 2023

Know your fraud: introducing the trace space (Part II)

Every transaction leaves a digital trace. When your fraud prevention software knows what to look for within that trace, it can distinguish between an account takeover and an authorized push payment ...

October 15, 2021

Smart fraud mitigation demands the right AI model

fraud fraud prevention AI model fraud mitigation

It’s a basic rule in data science: when precision and accuracy are required for fraud prevention, make sure you choose the algorithm appropriate to a bank’s data sets and needs. A complex algorithm ...

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